Yiannis Sakellis

Yiannis Sakellis was born in Paphos (Cyprus) on 1983.


He studied painting in the Academy of fine arts “Pietro Vannucci” in Perugia-Italy where he graduated in 2007 with honors. In 2006 he won the annual “Adelmo Maribelli” prize, from the same academy. In 2015 he founded the Kimonos Art Center together with a group of 4 more visual artists in his hometown. He is currently following a Master degree in Art History and Theory at TEPAK (Cyprus University of Technology) in Limassol, Cyprus.  


Solo exhibitions.


-The Curtain

March 2020

Almyra Hotel, Paphos



December 2018

Blue Iris Gallery, Paphos



September 2016,

Almyra Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus.


•The observed and the Observer,

The FlevaRES project

November 2010, NikokliaINN, Nikoklia, Paphos, Cyprus.


•The theory of the strings,

December 2009,

“Harupomilos” art hall, Paphos, Cyprus.


•Fiber optics 

February 2009, “skali” exhibition center in Aglanzia- Nicosia, Cyprus.



Selected exhibitions,




The Thresholds of Life

October 2019

Almyra Hotel, Paphos


.CY, Alternative Traditional Art&Design exhibition

September 2019

Almyra Hotel, Paphos





1st Biennale Larnaca

Larnaca Municipal Gallery -Larnaca, Cyprus.


Keeping a secret

"Palia electriki", art center - Pafos, Cyprus.


Lush art in Austere times

IsNotGallery - Nicosia, Cyprus



Kai ti m’auto

IsNotGallery – Nicosia, Cyprus.


Weaving Europe

Attikon, Pafos, Cyprus

a project of the European Capital of Culture PAFOS2017, curated by Dr Efi Kyprianidou



Pafos Old market, a project of the European Capital of Culture PAFOS2017



Ibrahim’s Khan, Pafos, a project of the European Capital of Culture PAFOS2017


The Big Mosaic

May 2017, Ibrahim’s Khan, Paphos, For PAFOS2017 European Capital of Culture.

more info at www.thebigmosaic.com



2016 a year in Review,

December 2016, Almyra hotel, Paphos, Cyprus.




FAFF, the Fine Art Film Festival

Film Festival focus on Fine Art subjects. Venice, California.

Selected for screening the video “the Box”.


Street Art Square

Street Art event in the town center of Paphos, Cyprus.



50 Years EKATE.

Four exhibitions for the 50th anniversary of E.KA.TE. –the Cyprus chamber of Fine Arts.

Haroupomylos, Lanitis Art center,Limassol, Cyprus.

“Palia electriki”, art center Paphos,Cyprus.

Municipal gallery, Larnaka,Cyprus.

Pili Ammochostou art center, Nicosia, Cyprus.



Group exhibition for the opening of Technopolis20 art center, Paphos, Cyprus.




Othellos cinema, Paphos, Cyprus.

Site specific exhibition in the abandoned cinema Othellos. Part of the second version of ReBirth day, in collaboration with the “Cittadellarte” Foundation in Biella, Italy.


ECO InSite

Documentation of INSITE. Pegasos Art Fountation, Limassol, Cyprus





Hamam, Paphos, Cyprus, (part of a global event organized by the “cittadellarte foundation”, Italy. Documentation- video of catharsis/rebirth was presented in the Louvre museum during the personal exhibition of M.Pistoletto ‘Year one the paradise on earth” together with all the “rebirth day” video-events on May 15th 2013.



21 -30 September. Site specific exhibition. Archaeological park, Paphos, Cyprus. (Event for the Cypriot presidency of the EU)



Site specific exhibition in Paphos old market, Paphos, Cyprus.


Lush art in austere times.

Isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.



2nd international painting biennial of Chisinau

Chisinau- Rep. of Moldova



Cyprus Olympic center, Nicosia, Cyprus.


All colours, 

Studio 55 Limassol, Cyprus.


Visual Paphos

”Palia Ilectriki” art center, Paphos, Cyprus.



4th annual exhibition of young Cypriot artists,

Akamantis conference center, Nicosia, Cyprus.


50 years of artistic creation, 

Exhibition dedicated to the 50 years of The Republic of Cyprus.

Melina Mercuri Hall, Nicosia, Cyprus.



Images from Paphos,

“Palia Ilectriki” art center, Pafos, Cyprus.





Corciano historical center, Italy



Site specific exhibition in the historical center of Perugia, Italy.




Corciano historical center, Italy.




Corciano historical center, Italy.




Corciano historical center, Italy



photo by Nicolas Iordanou