Yiannis Sakellis

The Thresholds of Life

Building on its tradition of contributing to the cultural development of Paphos, Almyra Hotel invites people to participate in a unique artistic event to be held on its premises.

"By observing the residents and visitors go through the doors of the hotel," comment the organizers, "we would like to further explore the semantics of their entry through the door and the threshold as well as the mental and spiritual charge which marks each person during their transition from one place to another.


According to the event's artistic team, this seemingly insignificant moment has a crucial impact on the internal universe of each person, emotionally and spiritually, and can shape and symbolize a substantial, existential shift. "The fact that this movement is minimal as well as our familiarity with the threshold and the door itself as an object," they add, "do not allow us to understand the internal changes that this transition has caused and to comprehend the role of the door as a landmark or regulator in each individual's personal biography."


Almyra Hotel along with artist Yiannis Sakellis as the curator and coordinator of the event, call on the people of Cyprus to think about such critical moments in their lives, when the act of entering or leaving a place, gained unique and decisive importance for them.

Subsequently, Almyra invites people to photograph these doors, the thresholds of their lives, and send in the photos with an accompanying text explaining why they made this choice; i.e. the story which is literally hidden behind the door, or on the threshold.


When these photos are collected they will be distributed to visual artists who inspired by the image and history will then turn the door into a work of art, based on their own creative idiosyncrasy and personal sensitivity. The resulting works of art will be exhibited at Almyra Hotel from October 19 to November 19 this year and will be put up for sale. Fifty per cent of the proceeds will be given to organizations that support the homeless and/or displaced; those who are deprived the privilege of crossing a door, a threshold that leads to a friendly, cosy space.


The Thresholds of Life Artistic project open to the public.

Interested parties can send their photos and text by email to [email protected] by 30 June 2019.

For more information: 99-478162

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